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Public Works Foreman

Ricky Railing


2024 Road Mainenance


Trees and Vegetation

The Township has an obligation to provide clear and passable roadways throughout the Township. With the natural growth of trees and vegetation, they must be periodically pruned back from the roadways. Please check the road frontage of your property to see if your trees or shrubs may be overhanging the road. The Township Road Department will be cutting back overhanging branches, brush, and vegetation as required. If you have trees or shrubs that you would prefer to prune back yourself, please use the following as a guide:

  • Tree branches and bushes should be clear of the road edge by a minimum of two feet (24 inches) and that clearance should extend to ten (10 ft) in height.
  • New Plantings, i.e. trees, shrubs, etc. should not be planted within the Road Right of Way!! Please contact the Township Zoning Office to these specifications PRIOR to planting to avoid excess work.

Note: Small shrubs and small trees don’t stay small, they only get bigger.

PennDOT Road Maintenance

PennDOT Maintenance Shoulder Maintenance & Side Dozing

Street Listing:

State Roads highlighted Yellow, Private Roads highlighted Blue, Township Roads white