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Police Department

Station Address:
198 Lafayette Road
West Brandywine, PA 19320

Emergencies Call: 911
Non Emergencies Call: (610) 380-8201
Police Fax: (610) 384-0438

General Police Information

Please click on the above link for on-line cyber/computer safety for kids

Please contact the township during normal business hours to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Please do not just show up at the department without an appointment. Residents of West Brandywine will be charged a fee of $15 for fingerprinting. If you are a non-resident, we will charge a fee of $25 to do your fingerprints.  If you require fingerprinting, you must bring your own card, which should be provided by your employer.

Court required fingerprinting for criminal cases are free of charge and must be complied with, per Pennsylvania Law.

Fingerprinting will only be done during normal business, with a scheduled appointment.

Any resident, or non resident, can apply under the right to know request form to obtain copies of police incidents. Please be specific when you fill out the form to what incident or incidents you are looking for. Certain incident reports, if they are part of an active criminal investigation, may not be available to obtain right away, as to not compromise the investigation.

Please check under the right to know link, in this website, if you are trying to obtain a police incident report.

Court subpoena's that come to the police department, from a court of law, does not require a right to know request form be filled out. The subpoena must be specific to what incident that is being requested.

In any request, personal information is removed prior to being send out. This could be date of births, social security numbers, victim information, etc and any other personal, sensitive information, that will not affect the contents of the report. 

If you are trying to get a copy of a VEHICLE ACCIDENT report, please look in "police department forms home page" on how to obtain an accident report.

Any applicable fees MUST be paid first before any record will be released. The only exception to this where fees are NOT applicable are in court order subpoena's.

Last updated 11/28/2018 1:30:15 PM

The police department receives calls, almost daily, for a found dog or cat. If you found a dog or cat, and the animal is confined, the PD asks you to do one of the following:

  1. Take the animal directly to the SPCA.
  2. Bring it to the station and we will place it in our kennel

Since we are a police department, and not specifically animal control, we CAN NOT transport animals in our car since they are designed for human transport.

Please do one of the options listed above if you encounter a loose domestic animal running at large in the Township.  The SPCA will ONLY respond out directly to  violent dog attacks or if an animal is SERIOUSLY injured, (hit by a car, etc..).

The SPCA does NOT handle wildlife issues, if you have a wildlife animal issue please refer to the phone book for local wildlife assistance.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Last updated 6/19/2014 1:57:39 AM

West Brandywine Township has a no parking vehicles on roadways/township roads law. The quarterly newsletter reminds residents of this township law. The developments and roads need to remain clear at all times in case of emergencies. Residents need to advise visiting guests of this rule and to park in your driveway. If you are having a large party or having your driveway repaved, the Township Police will allow temporary parking on the street, but permission must be obtained first. The Township will not allow permanent on-street parking, only temporary. The developments should also have no parking signs as well displayed to advise motorists and residents of this law. Any vehicle found on the street, without proper permission, can receive a 25 dollar fine for violating this section. If your parked on the street in the winter time, and it snows, your fine will be more for hindering snow plow operations, per our law.

If you do have a special occasion and get the required permission, residents need to make sure of the following:

  1. Keep vehicles parked facing the same way, with the flow of traffic and all on the same side of the road.
  2. Be mindful of fire hydrants and do NOT block them. Also be careful not to block your neighbor's driveway.
  3. Keep the vehicles as close to the edge of the roadway as possible. If there is an emergency, fire trucks and ambulances need lots of room to operate.

Any one who does receive a ticket can pay the fine through the mail or may stop in during normal business hours to make arrangements.

Last updated 6/18/2014 2:28:45 AM

Those of us that drive, have at one point or another in their driving experience, come across a road closure or two. As the driver approaches the road closed signs and barricades, not expecting to see them, the driver has a decision to make. The driver may think, well that sign is not applicable to me, and choose to drive around the sign and continue on. The driver may come to a another set of road closed signs or barricades and again, decide that is not applicable to me, and drive around the second set of barricades.

The driver now comes up to the hazard. This could be a flooded roadway, a tree down across the roadway, broken pole and power lines in the road or another type hazard. Some drivers may still choose to try and manuever the hazard to continue their trip on the road, since this is the only way they know to get to their destination. The driver then gets the vehicle stuck or places themself in danger and calls 911 for assistance. The emergency responders then have to arrive and place themselves in danger to help the stranded motorists who thought they could get through the hazard. Once the driver, and possibly passengers, are rescued, the motorist who choose to ignore the signs and make an attempt to drive through the hazard, had limited sanctions that could be assessed against them. Prior to September 2012, the above situation would have been a $25 fine plus court costs for all the danger they placed themselves in, their passengers in and also the danger they created for the emergency responders. The responders could not even get reimbursed for costs and time they had to endure for being put into a situation, that never should have occurred, if the driver had obeyed the signs. The $25 dollar fine, plus court costs, was not much of a deterrent to stop people from this dangerous, but very common practice. These situations finally caused the lawmakers of Pennsylvania to do something to prohibit those motorists from ignoring the signs and trying to drive through or past road hazards.

The new law now has some teeth with stiffer fines and greater penalties. In the above mentioned situation, if the driver ignores the signs, drives around and then requires emergency responder assistance, the fine is between $250 and $500, plus you receive two points on your license, plus you must pay for any costs incurred by the emergency responders to assist you out of the situation. It's just not worth the risk to yourself, passengers or emergency responders for failing to obey the signs. The law also allows officers to cite for those motorists who disobey the signs, drive up to the hazard, but then decide to turn around and drive back. The fine for just not obeying the signs, is up to $250, plus two points. As you can see, these situations can be serious or deadly and is why the fines and penalties are severe.

The bottom line, if you are driving down the road and come across the road closed sign, follow the detour or go another route your are familiar with. It is also important to keep a map book or GPS unit in your vehicle for those unexpected times when you may have to detour. Those signs are not there to aggravate you or trick you, the road closed signs mean just that, THE ROAD IS CLOSED. That means for all motorists, including you. If you happen to live on the closed section of road, proceed with caution to get to your home. If the road hazard is before your home, TURN AROUND, and go another way. If the PD stops you, they will check your license to confirm that you live on the road, and just trying to get home. If you are stopped and don't live on the road, expect to pay a stiff fine and receive a two point sanction for the dis-obedience to the signs. Please for everyone's safety, including yours and ours, OBEY THE ROAD CLOSED SIGNS, THIS MEANS YOU!.

Last updated 6/18/2014 2:20:47 AM

Drivers are reminded that handicapped parking spaces that are marked with signs and symbols must display some form of ID before parking in that space. Proper ID means a rear-view mirror hanging placard or a partially disabled license plate (PD) on the rear.

Driver's may not park in these spaces for any amount of time unless you have proper documentation, even if is for a short time to pick up the kids or drop off something. Driver's who park in spaces without ID, prevent people who legitimately need the space. Please be courteous and park in a regular parking stall.

Remember, drivers that do have hanging placards, and you fail to display it while using one of those spaces, can be charged as if you do not have one.

The penalty of violating a handicapped spot ranges from 50 to 200 dollars.

Here is a link to PA regarding placards and applications, please click below.

Fire Zones are marked with signs and painted markings on the ground, that designate the areas vehicles may NOT park. If a vehicle is parked in a fire zone, at anytime, they can be cited and risk having their vehicle towed. Please do not park in fire zones, that is a public safety issue. Please park in a normal parking stall, even for those short "run ins" and out. The law requires those areas to be clear at all times.

Last updated 3/15/2016 4:15:32 AM

Any individual or business who wants to solicit in the township, requires a permit  issued by the township, prior to doing so. However, permits are only required when the individual or business is trying to SELL you a product or service. If they are involved in some type of COMMERCIAL enterprise, in which they are trying to make money, then a permit is needed first, from the township police department. If the solicitors are registered with us, they will have a permit on them for each individual conducting business. 

Now, if they are NOT involved in selling a product, goods or services, they they DO NOT need a township permit. They are not even required to contact the township before going door to door. An example of this would be religious groups or individuals who want to distribute literature or pamphlets,may do so without township authorization. Federal courts have upheld these groups rights and liberities to do so without government involvement. Basically, a federal court case that came from the US supreme court, several years ago, felt that as a free society that neighbors, religious groups, political groups, etc, should not be required to register with a township or local government in order to discuss religion or policitcal issues with neighbors. The court found that by doing so, the local governments were violating their rights to free speech and discussions with thier neighbors.

So what does all this mean?

Basically this, if a religious group or political or other non profit group comes to your door, they have no requirement to come to the township first to register and get a permit. They have no obligation to even contact the township to even let us know what they are doing, as courts have ruled, it would violate their free speech rights. Some times these groups, as a COURTESY, will contact township to let us know what they are doing, but there is no requirement.

Now, this does not mean that these groups can harass you on your own property. They can come onto your property, to discuss what ever religion information or political information, or non profit information they have, but you have the right to ask them to leave. If they fail to leave, after being told, they can be cited for trespassing, at that point, if the owner wants to pursue the matter.

Another way to prevent ANY solicitation on your property, whether its a solicitor with a permit or religious group who does not need one, is to POST your property no trespassing or no solicitation. In either case, the courts have ruled if your property is posted this way, that provides enough notice to not allow ANY ONE on your property for these type reasons. If your property is posted, and any solicitors come on to your property, then can be charged immediately for ignoring the warning, since proper notice was given before they entered the property.

If you do not want to post your property with signs, please call the township or stop by and we will place you on a DO NOT SOLICIT address list and provide this to the commercial solicitors. However, this will not prevent religious, non profit or political entities to come to your residence, unless you post your property, this will only be for commercial solicitation that requires permits.

Last updated 6/12/2014 5:25:34 AM

West Brandywime Township has a curfew in effect for those individuals under the age of 18. Below is copy of the township rules governing minors after hours:

It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to remain in or upon any street, public place or establishment within the Township between 10:15 p.m. prevailing time and 6:00 a.m. prevailing time of the following day, except:

  1. In the summer, June 15 through September 15, 11:15 p.m. prevailing time and 6:00 a.m. prevailing time of the following day.
  2. If the curfew hours established hereunder are temporarily suspended or modified by proclamation of the Township of West Brandywine Board of Supervisors.

In the following cases, a minor remaining on a public street, public place or in an establishment during the hours set forth in § 77-4 above shall not be considered to be in violation of this chapter:

  1. When accompanied by:

(1) The parent of the minor; or

(2) An adult authorized by the parent of the minor to take the parent's place in accompanying the minor for a designated period of time and purpose within a specified area.

  1. When exercising First Amendment rights protected by the United States Constitution such as the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and the right of assembly. Any minor desiring to avail himself or herself of the provisions of this exception shall establish the validity of such exercise by first delivering to the Township Police Department a letter, dated and signed by the minor and a parent of the minor, containing the following information:

(1) The minor's name.

(2) The minor's age.

(3) The minor's address.

(4) The minor's telephone number.

(5) The parents' names.

(6) The parents' address;

(7) The parents' telephone number;

(8) A statement specifying when, where and in what manner the minor will be in or on the streets, public place or establishment (during the hours when this chapter is otherwise applicable) in the exercise of the First Amendment rights specified in the letter.

  1. Written notice.

(1) In the case of reasonable necessity, provided that the minor's parents shall have first delivered to the Township Police Department a written notice stating the facts establishing the reasonable necessity and a description of the specified streets, public place or establishment at designated times for a described purpose, including points of origin and destination; and

(2) The written notice has been countersigned and dated by the Chief of the Township of West Brandywine Police Department (or other police officer authorized by the Chief to sign such notices).

  1. When the minor is on the sidewalk of the minor's place of residence, or on the sidewalk of any premises immediately adjacent to the premises in which the minor resides, provided that the owner of the adjacent premises does not object to the minor's presence.
  2. When returning home, by a direct route from (and within 30 minutes after the termination of) a school activity or an activity of a religious or other voluntary association, provided that the minor shall, upon request of any police officer, provide to such police officer a written statement identifying:

(1) The school activity or other function which the minor has attended.

(2) The location of the activity.

(3) The time of termination of the activity.

  1. When the minor, with parental consent, is in a motor vehicle and such motor vehicle is involved in bona fide interstate travel through the Township or such interstate travel begins or ends in the Township.

It shall be a violation of this chapter for a parent having legal custody of a minor to knowingly permit or allow such minor to be or remain upon any Township street, public place or establishment within the Township between the hours specified in § 77-5 above.

Violations of curfew can result in fines ranging up to a $100. Most times, those who violate curfew are permitted to conduct community service in lieu of the parents paying the fines. The local court (Honey Brook Court) can assist in this matter if your child is cited for curfew.

Last updated 11/28/2012 1:01:53 AM

All police alarms that transmit a signal to an alarm company must be registered. The contractor must fill out paperwork prior to installing said alarm system. It is important to register the alarm with the township in case an emergency is found at your home, we have a way of contacting you.

The township allows up to 3 FALSE alarms per calendar year. If you have more than 3 FALSE alarms at your home or business, you may receive a citation in the mail for violating the false alarm ordinance. Please make sure to service your system and that the proper people have the codes to your system to prevent a false alarm.

Any situation in which the alarm was activated and a situation was found at your home, is not included as a false alarm, and will not be counted against the home owner or business owner.

Please check under police department forms to obtain the alarm registration forms.

Last updated 11/28/2012 1:20:05 AM

The township has an oversized load permit ordinance in effect. Residents that have oversized, overlength, overweight or over height items being trucked into your property, such a large shed, large play equipment, large construction equipment, etc...require a special hauling permit issued by the police department. The permit is for use of the township owned roadways. The contractor or hauler bringing large items to your home, should already have a PennDOT special hauling permit for use on state roads. The permit that is good for state routes, are NOT valid on township roadways. The permits have specific information on them that must be filled out, in case property damage happens while the load is being hauled on the roadway, just as PennDOT requires on their roads.

If your not sure what specifically constitutes an "oversized load" the Township Police Department for more information about special hauling permits. Local oversized permits make take a few days to process so it is important to apply and get the application in, with respective fees, as soon as possible. Failure for haulers to obtain a permit, can cost the hauler or trucker a $1000 fine being issued.

Permits for oversized load can be found on the township website under forms, permits and applications.

Last updated 3/30/2022 11:28:15 AM

During the school year, there are several hundred busses through out the county, picking up and dropping off school children. All drivers of vehicles who encounter a school bus with flashing red lights MUST stop for the bus immediately. This means as the bus is approaching, and you see the flashing amber/yellow lights on the bus, be prepared to stop shortly. If you fail to obey the signals of the bus, and are caught, expect to receive a $250 dollar fine, 5 points on your license and a 60 day license suspension. The sanctions are serious and stiff to prevent drivers from disobeying the flashing lights. Bus drivers can record license plates of violators and report them to the respective police department, who will file a citation against the driver of the vehicle.  Also be advised there are certain times of the year when police officers may ride on busses to catch those drivers who fail to stop for the flashing red lights. The sanctions and penalities are just not worth the risk of the safety and welfare of our school children, please stop for flashing red lights on the bus. Protect your license and protect our kids. This problem is not just local to PA but is a national issue in all 50 states.

This news feed is from York County PA, concerning motorists failing to obey the red lights, please click link below to view

Here is a link for the kids, please check this out

School bus Fact Sheet

Last updated 11/27/2012 2:00:36 AM

Drivers when they passed their drivers test are advised what to do when approaching a traffic signal that is inoperable. If's it been awhile since you got your license here is a refresher. According to PA law, if the traffic light is malfunctioning or inoperable, the ENTIRE intersection is then considered a 4 way stop. This means NO one has the right-a-way at an inoperable light. It doesn't matter if your on a major artery and the intersecting road is a secondary or back road, ALL drivers must stop and treat it as a four way stop sign. Many motorists on the major artery will just drive through the intersection without stopping thinking they have the right-a-way. If the light is out and you just drive through it, it is the same as just driving through a stop sign. If an accident is caused by you by driving through without stopping, you will be deemed at fault. So next time that traffic light is out, stop, before proceeding, the law requires it.

Last updated 6/19/2014 2:14:13 AM

West Brandywine Township would like to thank those who continue to support the Township's Adopt-A-Road program.

West Brandywine Twp Adopt-a-Road Program (TOWNSHIP ROADS)








Roadway adopted

Date adopted

Bob Rice

7 Main Lin Drive

Monacy Rd


Bob/Jan Caviglia

3 Ponds End Drive

Telegraph Rd


Brandywine YMCA

295 Hurley Road

Hurley Rd


Harper Schlimme

161 Union Road

Union Rd


Joan Matthews/Boy Scouts


Beaver Creek Rd


Judy Ladrew

139 Gable Road

Cedar Knoll Rd


Mae Marie

300 E Marshall Street

Germany Hollow Rd


Mark/Lisa Thornton

122 Freedom Valley Rd

Pratts Dam Rd


Michelle Shields

31 Kimberwick Circle

Cedar Knoll Rd


Savidge Construction

206 Creeks Bend Drive

Culbertson Run Rd


Tom/Amanda Guall

232 Barons Hill Road

Barons Hill Rd


Yoshitomi Family

40 Jamie Lane

Hurley Rd


Knights of Columbus

Saint Peters Church

Rt 82, Btw Hibernia/322, through twp










Pennsylvania DOT Adopt a Road Program (STATE ROADS)





Roadway adopted


Boy Scouts UMC


Hibernia Rd


Boy Scouts,Friendship Sch.


Reeceville Rd


Jim/Linda Williams


Rt 82 N of Rt 322


Knights of Columbus


Rt 82 S of Rt 322


West Brandywine PD


Rt 322










Roadways still needing adoption as of 1/10/2012



Roadway Name

Township or State Road



Highspire Road

Township Rd



Icedale Road

Township Rd



Brandamore Rd

Township Rd



Lafayette Rd

Township Rd



East Reeceville Rd

State Rd



Swineheart Rd

State Rd



Little Washington Rd

State Rd



Rt 322, Swineheart to Culbertson

State Rd



Springton Rd

State Rd




Adopt-A- Road in WBT Adopt-A-Road Application

Last updated 10/19/2023 7:31:53 AM

The township has a regulation stating that homes must be marked with a number that can be easily seen by responders. Having you home marked, with a reflective sign on the mailbox or stand alone pole, can help first responders get to your home quicker in an emergency. Failing to not have you home properly marked can result in delayed response times when seconds may count. If you need a reflective sign, contact your local fire company as most of them sell those signs or can assist you in getting one.

Please, help us, help you!

Last updated 10/18/2012 3:14:26 AM

Residents sometimes call the police for issues that the PD DO NOT handle. Police Officers are responsible to deal with violations of CRIMINAL LAW, not civil law. Here is a basic description of the two:

1) Criminal law is a anything that is an act of CRIMINAL nature. Examples would be burglaries, thefts, sex offenses, DUI's, trespassing, disorderly conduct, harassment, etc..basically anything that is deemed to be a crime under the PA crimes code.

2) Civil law is anything NOT a criminal act. This would be landlord/tenant evictions/disputes, child custody issues, disputes over ownership of property, Person A owes money to person B and they have not paid them back, any breach of contracts, etc...

In some situations, an officer could respond to an incident that is criminal and civil in nature. Here is a common example. A husband and wife, who are officially divorced, have children. The husband and wife do not get along but have a child cutody order in effect of when each are allowed to see their children. Lets say the father arrives at the proper time, as the court order states, but the mother refuses to return the kids. A dispute incurs and the PD is called to the scene. The child custody order is civil in nature and the police will only get involved if the fighting between the ex-husband and ex-wife becomes physical. If either one strikes the other it could be an assault (criminal in nature)and PD would make an arrest on the aggressor. If there is no physical contact or nothing criminal in nature, just the ex-wife refuses to turn over the kids, the PD would advise the father to contact his attorney and address the issue in court. The PD will not physically take the kids from the mother and give to the father, UNLESS THE CHILDREN ARE IN EXTREME DANGER. The father would have to leave, without the kids, and have his attorney file in family court for the violation of court order. The PD will do an incident report that the ex-wife refused to turn over children and ex-husband could then use that report for court purposes later. PD does not enforce family court orders, they are between the ex-husband, (and his attorney) the ex-wife (and her attorney) and the judge of the family court. If either party violates the order, the judge will take sanctions against that party. In this particular example, the PD is only there to "keep the peace" between all parties and makes sure is does not turn criminal in nature.

Last updated 10/18/2012 3:19:32 AM

Any PA resident that has a vehicle or combination of vehicles/trailers registered over 17,000 pounds and are used in commercial enterprise are subject to commercial vehicle laws. If you have a vehicle that meets the above criteria, there are certain things that are needed. The driver, for example, needs a DOT medical card in their possession to operate that vehicle. This card basically states that the driver is medically clear to operate the vehicle or combination of vehicles and does not have serious medical problems. The card is good for up to two years if the driver is free of medical problems, then must re-cert again.

The vehicle or combination of vehicles meeting the 17,001 and above criteria also requires a fire extinguisher and box of orange warning triangles. The newest law the vehicle needs is a US DOT number. The US DOT number is NOT issued by Penn Dot but the Federal Government. The number must be displayed on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle in contrasting colors and easy to read. The word US DOT must precede the number displayed on the vehicle. The purpose of the number is to keep track of roadside inspections for your vehicles/company if you are pulled over on a DOT checkpoint. Any vehicle/combination of vehicles over 17,000 lbs. and are used in commercial business are eligible to be stopped and inspected on a roadside DOT inspection. If you leave the state the weight drops down to 10,001 pounds or higher.

To apply for a US DOT number if you meet the criteria, go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and click on the link for US DOT numbers. The process is simple and self explanatory. Also, on this website, you will find ALL the laws that PA basically has adopted and enforces on roadside inspection.

Last updated 6/19/2014 1:59:22 AM

Protection from abuse orders are issued by the court to prevent an abuser from physically or emotionally harming a victim.

Males or Females can apply for a protection from abuse orders if their safety or childrens safety are in jeopardy. Pennsylvania does NOT have restraining orders. A victim can petitition the court, (at the West Chester Court house during regular business hours or at the on-call District Judge after hours) to apply for relief. Basically here is how the process works:

The victim goes to court and fills out an affidavit stating what transpired between the victim and aggressor. The court will then issue a temporary order, which must be served to the aggressor by law enforcement, to ensure the defendant has proper notice of the alledged claims. The order will spell out exactly what the defendant is not permitted to do. The defeandant must abide by all the stipulations in the temporary order, once properly served. The order can require the defendant to relinquish firearms, leave a residence, not to call or harass at home, work, or any where else the victim may reside. If the defendant violates the order, the defendant can be arrested immediately by a law enforcment officer, with probable cause. The defendant is bound by the temporary order and has no recourse at that time.

The court will set a hearing date, which will occur later at the County Court house, when the defendant of the order may show up and defend the allegations. The defendant may obtain a lawyer if they choose. A hearing will be held in front of a judge, with both parties giving their accounts of what happened or what continues to happen. The defendant will have the chance to challenge what the victim has alledged. Once the hearing has concluded, the judge will determine if the order is dropped or becomes a permanant order. The order could be in effect for several years then or dismissed altogether after the hearing.

It does not cost a victim any money to file the order. There are a lot of county agencies, (Domestic Violence center of Chester County, Crime Victims, Etc..) that can provide free services to victims of domestic violence. The services are confidential, even to law enforcement, if a victim uses them. They can help in relocating a victim and their child, help apply for a protection order, help apply for financial monies lost due to being a domestic violence victim, and many other services, all FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to the victim.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, a protection order can help get you and your children protected from being abused. If the police respond out to a domestic violence call, and no order is in effect, the officer has to make a decision, to arrest or not. The officer must interview, look at any evidence, look for any injuries, etc, before making a decision. If an order is in effect and the defendant violates it, the officer can arrest much faster and easier then without one, as long as probale cause exists.

If you are a victim of domestic violence in Chester County, you may contact the Domestic Violance center at 610-431-1430 for further assistance.

Here are some other free services numbers to agencies:

Crime victim hotline, 24 hour rape crisis 610-692-7273

Victim/witness assistance: 610-692-7420

Victims compensation: 800-233-2339

Drunk Driving services: 800-948-6233

Drug and alcohol referral: 866-236-3767

Robbery, assault, burglary victim services: 610-692-7240

Elder abuse: 800-564-7000

National suicide prevention: 800-273-8255

Crisis Intervention:877-918-2100

Child abuse: 800-932-0313

Here is a PFA fact sheet, please click below

Last updated 11/27/2012 2:07:27 AM

If you fail to pay a ticket or drop insurance, your driver's license or vehicle tag will be suspended. If an officer pulls you over for a traffic infraction, and you are given a ticket, you are required to respond to the ticket within 10 days. If you fail to respond, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and PENNDOT will suspend your driver's license.

It is illegal in Pennsylvania to have in your possession any suspended or revoked drivers license or to drive on one. If your license does get suspended, PENNDOT and the district court will send paperwork to your last known address, advising its suspended and why its suspended. If you do nothing, and your stopped again, you may be given a ticket for the original infraction, driving on suspended license and having in your possession a suspended license. That would be 3 tickets you would get, in conjunction with having your vehicle towed and possibly getting arrested if you have outstanding warrants. The officer will also confiscate your license and give you a receipt. The officer will then mail the license back to PENNDOT.

It is also illegal in Pennsylvania to drop insurance coverage and then fail to turn in your license plates. If your tag is checked by an officer and found to be suspended and you have no insurance, you could receive 3 tickets. One is for driving without insurance, second is driving on a suspended tag and three is failing to turn into PENNDOT your vehicle tags as required. If this should happen, on top of the 3 tickets, your vehicle will be towed and your tag confiscated. The officer should give you a receipt for the tag, which will be turned back into PENNDOT.

Here are some sanctions regarding above situations:

1) Driving on suspended license (200-1000 fine and additional one year suspension)

2) Driving without insurance (300 fine, 3 month driver license suspension, and 3 month vehicle registration suspension)

3) Driving on suspended vehicle tag (100-500 fine and 3 month driver license suspension)

4) Failing to turn in suspended documents when required (100 fine)

The fines can add up very quickly and the additional suspensions can add up very quickly. To avoid these circumstances it is best to respond to any ticket the police issue you and pay your automobile insurance when its due. Remember, PENNDOT issues these documents to drivers and vehicle owners in PA. They have the right to recall those documents if you fail to pay a ticket or keep insurance.

Here is a link to PA regarding suspended documents:

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Residents sometimes inquire about points and what tickets carry points. Each sign and signal on the road has its own particular section in the PA vehicle code. If you are cited for a specific sign or signal then the specific section will probably give you points. 

Regards to speeding, the officer may choose to write you for what you were actually doing, which will probably carry points. Depending on how much you drive over the posted limit determines how many points you will receive. The higher the speed, the more points it will carry. The officer also has the discretion to write you for only exceeding the speed limit by 5 MPH over instead of what you were actually doing. There are no points for speeding 5 MPH over the posted limit. Points start when you are convicted of 6 MPH or higher. If the officer writes for 5 MPH, it will save on points, will not affect your insurance and will not go onto your driving record. Example, if you are clocked doing 52 MPH in a posted 35 zone, the citation would carry 4 points based on this situation. The officer could write you for the 52 in a 35 or 40 in a 35. The 40 in a 35 does not carry points.

Also, each sign and signal, (stop sign, traffic light, no -passing zone, yield sign, etc) all have their own respective vehicle code sections. A violation of one of these laws will result in 3 points on your record. If you receive 6 or more points, Penn  Dot may contact you for a departmental hearing. There is a generic section in the vehicle code, (disobedience to traffic control devices 3111A) which can be used for ANY sign. If the officer writes under this section, there are NO points involved.

Remember, the attitude of the driver may dictate if the driver receives a verbal warning, written warning, citation with no points or citation with points. If the officer does write you for a cheaper fine with no points and you contest the ticket, the officer reserves the right to amend the citation to the original speed or specific sign section.

Also, do not argue with the officer on the scene of the stop. If you feel the ticket is unjust, than contest the ticket at traffic court but do not argue on why you think the officer is inaccurate. Leave that for the judge to decide.

Here is the PA point fact sheet, please click below


Pennsylvania Driver's License Points System

Vehicle Code


No. of Points


Violation of restriction on driver's license - wearing glasses, etc.



Violation concerning license



Failure to obery authorized persons directing traffic


3112(a)(3)(i) or (ii)

Failure to stop for a red light



Failure to stop for a flashing red light



Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming vehicle



Improper passing, overtaken driver to maintain speed; passing driver to pull in at safe distance



Improper passing on the right



Improper passing on the left, clear distance ahead



Improper passing on a hill



Improper passing at a railroad crossing or intersection



Improper passing at a bridge or tunnel



Improper passing in a no-passing zone



Following too closely



Failure to yield to driver on the right at intersection



Failure to yield to oncoming driver when making left turn



Failure to stop for stop sign



Failure to yield at yield sign



Failure to yield when entering or crossing roadway between intersections



Improper turning around - illegal U-turns



Failure to obey signal indicating approach of train



Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier - 30 day suspension and


3342(b) or (e)

Failure to stop at railroad crossings



Failure to stop when entering from alley, driveway or building



Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights - 60 day suspension and



Driving too fast for conditions (if violation occurs in an active work zone and in conjunction with an accident, 15-day suspension) and



Exceeding maximum speed (Miles over Speed Limit)



6 to 10



11 to 15

(if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and



16 to 25

(if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and



26 to 30

(if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and



31 and Over

Departmental Hearing and Sanctions provided under Section 1538(d)(if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and



Exceeding special speed limit in school zone



Exceeding special speed limit for trucks on downgrades



Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk



Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk when entering from a driveway or alley



Failure to yield to blind pedestrians



Improper backing



Careless driving



Leaving scene of accident involving property damage only



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Questions are often asked about when police are required to investigate vehicle accidents. In Pennsylvania, there are two types of vehicle accidents, reportable and non -reportable crashes. Here is the difference between the two:

Reportable crashes: These crashes MUST be reported to PENNDOT for reporting purposes and must be investigated by the police. This means that a vehicle received damage to the degree that it can NOT be driven away under its own power, (towed) OR any type of injury or death is reported, this includes complaint of pain. If EITHER one or BOTH criteria is met, then this is a reportable accident and PENNDOT must be advised of such, along with vehicle insurance companies. In rare cases, if a police department does not investigate this type of accident, then it is the responsibility of the drivers of the vehicles to fill out a PENNDOT accident form and mail it in to the department. All of these type accidents must be reported by police or drivers to the state. That form can be found on line at PENNDOT's website.

Non-reportable crashes: Everything else that does not fall under the above category. These types of crashes fall under "fender bender" accidents. The police departments  are NOT required to investigate or even respond to these type crashes. Most departments will do so as a courtesy to the drivers, but nothing requires them to handle them. These types of accidents are when drivers exchange information with each other directly. After doing so, the drivers have an option to go through their insurance company or they can handle it themselves without insurance company involvement.  These type of accidents dont require a police report to be kept on file. Again, most departments will respond and handle these types, but there is NO requirement to do so.

Also, if you are involved in a non-reportable crash, the law requires you to MOVE the vehicle from the roadway or travel lane as quickly as possible. Drivers can actually be fined under PA law if their vehicle can be moved off the road and they refuse to do so.

Drivers sometimes think that when they are involved in an accident, the vehicles must NOT be moved until the officer arrives on scene to observe the vehicle positions. This is NOT true anymore, the law requiring drivers to move them off the road, if possible, is for the safety of the occupants involved and the other motorists on the highway. If the vehicles can not be moved due to the damage, abandoned the vehicle, (if your not injured) and get off the highway for your own safety until help arrives. Do not stand on road or by your car or you risk being injured by another motorist on the roadway.

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We all travel the same roads everyday, going to work, play, out to eat, etc. We all take that same road to get to the place we are going. But, what if you come up to that same road you have always traveled, and find it closed? You see a police car or the fire police directing you around an unseen, unplanned circumstance? As your directed down this side road, do you know where you are going? Do you know where that detour road will take you? Alot of motorists will have no idea how to get to their destination, once they are taken off their primary route. It is important to know your area roads well, just in case of that unplanned, unseen circumstance. The fire police or police officer directing traffic may not have time to talk with you and give you directions, you may be on your own. Here are some tips to hopefully help you with a situation like this:

1) Do you carry a mapbook or GPS unit in your vehicle? If your going to an area you never have gone before, its best to have one of this to help you in case your primary route gets cut off.

2) On a nice day, get out and explore. Try taking some of those secondary roads from your primary route, see where it takes you. You may be surprised and find a quicker way or better way then you have always taken prior. It also gives you an idea in case your diverted down that road.

Remember, just because you always take that same road everyday, doesn't mean it will always be available to you. Prepare yourself for the un-expected and always know two ways to get where you are going. Don't just rely on the person directing traffic to help you, that may not be an option if they have alot going on.

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When the weather is nice and school has let out for the year, the township always see's an increase in vehicle break-in's during the summer months. Here are some tips to help keep your property from becoming someone else's:

1) Remove ALL valuables from your vehicle, especially at night. Theives are looking for things like laptops, money, GPS systems, phones, etc. If for some reason you choose to keep this stuff in your vehicle, at least keep it out of sight. The best option is to remove it.

2) Keep car doors locked and windows rolled up. Don't make the theives job easier by leaving windows down or doors unlocked. Theives want easy targets.

3) If possible, keep your car inside the garage and close the garage door. Most vehicle break in's occur with vehicles parked in the driveway.

4) If you must park outside, park near well lit areas. Theives don't want to be seen. They like blending in the dark where no one notices them.

5) For those residents with dogs, pay attention when your dog barks and when its "out of the norm". If the dog starts barking at 2 or 3 in the morning, it may or may not be something. The dog could be barking at a passing wildlife animal in your yard or could be barking at that pesky thief rummaging in your car.

6) Keep in touch with your neighbors and look out for one another. If something does not seem right or out of place at your neighbors, contact the police. Even if it turns out to be innocent, I'm sure the neighbor would appreciate the sharp eye and looking out for their property.

7) If your vehicle is equipped with an alarm, make sure you activate it at night. If the alarm goes off at 2 or 3 in the morning, that will scare off a potential thief. remember, they don't want to be noticed.

Following some simple tips can help you keep you property safe and sound. If you notice any suspicious activity, contact the police right away.

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Frequently Asked Police Questions (FAQ)

Copies of accident reports may be requested through the Crashdocs website at a cost of $15.00. 

Alarm Permit Packet

Below you will find a link for the following three printable forms:

  1. Emergency Notification Form
  2. Alarm Installation Application Form
  3. Waiver

The purpose of the emergency notification form is to provide the police department with a list of names and telephone numbers of people to contact in the event of a problem with your residence (during alarm activation) or business (during non-business hours).

The alarm installation application form is used to provide the police department with information on residents and business utilizing alarm systems in West Brandywine Township. Administrative fee must accompany the application (see current fee schedule). Below is a link to Alarm Ordinance No. 93-03. Alarm information must be renewed yearly due by January 31st (see current fee schedule for renewal fee).

The requested information in both forms is basic and self explanatory. This information is kept strictly confidential and is used only in the event of an alarm of other emergency or problem with your residence/business; i.e. discovered break-in, fire, etc. When the forms are complete in their entirety, please attach any applicable fees and return them, either in person or by mail, to West Brandywine Township Police Department. If at any time there are deletions or additions to be made to the from(s), please notify the police department so that all the information is complete and up-to-date.

The Ordinance also states that any person, firm or corporation who sells or leases, and/or installs automatic protection devices be registered with the Township. If you need a contractors application please click on the link. Contractors Insurance Verification Application & Worker Compensation Link

Ordinance No. 93-03 Regulation of Burglar, Fire, & Other Emergency Alarm Systems and Related Fees

If you are planning to have vehicles parked on the street, please notify the police department. There is a "No Parking" Ordinance in West Brandywine Township, but we realize that there are special occasions where parking on the street is necessary.

All we ask is that you give us a call or fill out the on-street parking form and let us know when you will require extra parking, and leave your name, address and phone number and the times you will be parking on the street.

Please contact the township during normal business hours to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Please do not just show up at the department without an appointment. Residents of West Brandywine will be charged a fee of $15 for fingerprinting. If you are a non-resident, we will charge a fee of $25 to do your fingerprints.  If you require fingerprinting, you must bring your own card, which should be provided by your employer.

Court required fingerprinting for criminal cases are free of charge and must be complied with, per Pennsylvania Law.

Fingerprinting will only be done during normal business, with a scheduled appointment.

Link moves you to Chester County's Website.

The adopt a road program has been in effect for some years but we have minimal participates to clean up numerous roads. The weather is getting nicer but some of the road sides are beginning to look like a landfill. The amount of trash that falls out of trash cans or recycling cans each week is astounding. In severe windy conditions, cans and bins are blown over spilling out the contents which eventually are not picked up and left on the roadside. Also trash may come out of a trash truck driving by or discourteous driver may throw trash from the window. I would like to encourage residents to police their property and roadside areas and pick up loose lying garbage on the roadside. This would help cut down on the amount of garbage left behind and make the township and your property more presentable. If you are interested in adopting a road, please contact me to fill out an application. The township provides bags, gloves, signs and vests and will even come out to pick up the collected garbage. The only thing needed is manpower. Even if you choose not to adopt a road but would like to do a one time clean up, that is also welcomed. There is no minimum to a pick up, it can be just one person who would like to donate their time.

The following roads are in desperate need of clean up and have no one actively conducting litter removal.

  1. Highspire Road
  2. Icedale Road
  3. Swineheart Road (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)
  4. Lafayette Road
  5. Route 322 (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)
  6. Little Washington Road (State Road but twp will assist in supplies)
  7. Route 82 between Rt 322 and Hibernia (State road but twp will assist in supplies)

Please email me if you are interested in this program.

Chief Jeff Kimes

Twp Adopt a Road Coordinator

WBTPD To Patrol Wallace TWP 2018

In 2017, WBTPD had been contracted to provide part-time police coverage to the residents of Wallace Township. On January 1, 2018 WBT Police began providing full service coverage to the residents of Wallace. The agreement is to provide police patrols, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. The remaining 16 hours will only include the handling of police service calls, billed separately. This is a contracted service paid by Wallace Township.

No On Street Parking

We would like to remind all of our residents that if your having guests over and they need to park in the street, you need to contact our police department. During snow removal operations, there is absolutely NO ON STREET PARKING permitted. This is for the safety of our residents and to assist our Public Works Department in clearing off your street.

Chester County Emergency Alerts

Chester County Offices & Courts closed on Monday, January 15

Chester County government courts and offices will be CLOSED on Monday, January 15th for Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 16.