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Manager/Zoning Officer

Dale Barnett

Phone: (610) 380-8200

Residential Building Inspector, Assistant Code Officer

Kim P. Hoopes

Phone: (610) 380-8200

Administrative Assistant to Codes/Zoning Officer

Maryann Ammon

Phone: (610) 380-8200

Administrative Assistant to Codes/Zoning Officer

Karen Lauchlan

Phone: (610) 380-8200

West Brandywine Township Code

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  • 4 acres for one horse
  • Additional acre for each horse thereafter up to 10 acres
  • Lots greater than 10 acres, number may exceed the number permitted above as long as it does not create objectionable effects for neighboring residents

Permit Required

  • 40 feet rear yard
  • 20 feet side yard
  • 50 feet front yard to right of way
  • Septic System – 5 feet away from system

Click on link to section 200-108

Screening and buffering. [Amended 8-6-1998 by Ord. No. 98-08]     

Permit Required (No Charge)

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are attractive home additions for their looks and ability to reduce heating bills.  When not installed properly, these solid-fuel burning appliances can be a life-threatening hazard.

If you are in the market for a fireplace or wood-burning stove do some homework before purchase and installation.

It is recommended that you purchase a fireplace or wood-burning stove that is labeled by an approved testing and inspection agency.  Work with your builder to find the best interior location.  That decision is often based on the chimney's path.

Most units come with spacers, a two-inch metal strip, that goes under the hearth to keep embers from burning wood floors.  Whether a professional does the job or it is a do-it-yourself project, follow all safety precautions exactly.

Once installed, the homeowner needs to read the instruction manual carefully to understand how the fireplace or wood-burning stove works.  You must property adjust dampers which will effect airflow, and you must have the fireplace or stove cleaned regularly.  If not, creosote builds up in the chimney wall creating a fire danger.

Prior to the upcoming heating season, it is recommended that a professional chimney cleaning be performed to ensure your safety and efficient burning.  Inside that home, clean out the firebox regularly.  And remember; don’t place materials that could ignite on top of, or near a fireplace or wood-burning stove.

  • 50 feet from park border
  • 20 feet between units
  • Sheds: 10 feet

Permit Required

  • Placement in rear & side yard only
  • Setback - 10 feet from property line
  • Fencing required

*Inflatable pools also need fencing or barrier

Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs - Appendix G

Please call the Township to find out if the Township has reinstated its Resale Use and Occupancy Permit.

Rental Properties Landlord/Tenant

Permit Required

  • Placement in rear & side yard only
  • Setback – 10 feet from property line – cannot exceed 15 feet in height
  • Septic System – 5 feet away from system

*Oversize Sheds may require a Special Hauling Permit

Many township residents do not realize that all sheds, including prefabricated structures, require building permits.  The Township Code Administration Office has recently created a one-page shed permit application designed to be user-friendly.

Applicants are asked to provide a brochure or manufacturer's information for prefabricated sheds and two copies of property sketch.  The sketch should show all property lines, all existing structures and impervious surfaces (driveways, pools, etc.), on-site wells and sewage systems, and the proposed shed location in relationship to these features.

The Township's Zoning Ordinance stipulates that sheds can only be located in a rear or side yard, and must be at least ten (10) feet from all property lines.  Some residents also have easements and right-of-ways which may restrict the shed location.  The Codes Administration Office reviews permit applications to determine if a proposed location meets these zoning requirements.

Anyone who has built or installed a shed without a permit could be subject to a civil citation for violation of the Township's Zoning Ordinance, and may be required to remove the shed from the premises.  We therefore, encourage you to contact the Code Administration Office to request a permit for any existing non-permitted structures.

Most Signs Require a Permit

Many residents and business owners in West Brandywine Township are not aware of the zoning and permit requirements to erect a sign in the Township.  Seven pages of our Township's Zoning Ordinance are specifically dedicated to the rules and regulations pertaining to all types of signs in the Township.  Many requirements will vary depending upon the zoning district in which the sign will be located, so it is important that anyone planning to install a sign in the Township contact the Code Administration Office at (610) 380-8205.  

Although most signs do require permits, some sign types are classified as exempt and do not require a permit.  Some examples of exempt signs include hunting and trespassing signs, temporary real estate signs, temporary garage or yard sale signs, home occupation signs measuring less than two square feet, and temporary contractor signs measuring less than six square feet. Even though the exempt sign types do not require permits, there are still zoning regulations that govern their use.  For example, garage sale signs must be removed within 48 hours of the completion of the sale, temporary real estate signs must be removed within 14 days of the signing of an agreement, and contractor signs must be removed 14 days following the completion of the work. 

Below are listed some of the basic guidelines which apply to all sign types (including exempt signs) in all zoning districts:

  •  Signs for private use are not permitted within the lines of a street right-of-way.
  • Signs may not have a distracting effect on motorists. (such as moving, flashing or oscillating)
  • Signs may not emit smoke, visible vapors, particles, sound or odor.
  • Sign lighting may not resemble traffic control devices.
  • Signs may not contain information that implies that a property shall be used for any purpose not permitted under the provisions of the West Brandywine Township Zoning Ordinance.
  • Roof signs may not project above the roof's main peak or the building's cornice line.
  • Floodlighting of a sign must be arranged to prevent light or glare detection at the property lines or at points of vehicular access.
  • Signs may not be placed on trees, utility poles, rocks or other natural features. (This regulation excludes removable political signs, temporary removable yard or garage sale signs, and hunting/no trespassing signs)

West Brandywine has recently implemented a new single page sign permit application to simplify the permitting process for residents and businesses in the Township.  Please contact the Code Administration Office if you need a sign permit application, or if you would like to find out more about the sign zoning regulations in your area.